Fully revised and updated

Day 1

Personal Sources of Power and Authority
• Definition of Power and Influence
• Sources of Power and Influence
• Types of personal and positional power
• Building Trust and Credibility

Knowing Your Influencing Profile and that of Others
• Your Preferred Influencing Style
• “Communications Values” diagnostic instrument
• What works? Inquiry and exercise
• The Influencing Arena
• The 4 influencing styles – their mindsets, body language, communication style, behaviours
• Your preferred influencing style – its pros and cons when influencing senior managers, direct reports, matrix colleagues, business partners
• How the 4 styles apply ‘win-win’ in their negotiations with direct reports matrix colleagues, business partners
• Influencing Key Players at Work
• Individual activity - placing key work colleagues in the Influencing Arena

Exploring Options for Influencing Results
• Exploring Different Approaches for Effective Influencing
• The 4 influencing styles in detail – learning their language and behaviours, assessing impact and building skill and confidence in their use
• Harnessing the power of reciprocation and positivity in each style
• Communication in cross cultural, remote and difficult situations

Day 2

Developing Skills and Flexibility to Get Results with Different Situations
• Using principled negotiation to achieve positive outcomes in conflict situations
• “Alpha Telecommunications” – a matrix dispute negotiation
• Strategic Influencing
• Stakeholder mapping – identifying your personal influence networks
• Stakeholder analysis – identifying and influencing the political environment
• and resources

A Planning Framework for Collaborative Communication
• A Five-Step Planning Guide to Getting Results

Application to My Own Reality
• Planning the appropriate influencing strategy in own case study
• Rehearsing the plan
• Role play activity

Moving On From Here
• Personal Commitments to Increasing Your Influencing Impact