A limited number of licenses to run the Getting Results Without Authority™ course is offered to suitably qualified and experienced individuals and organisations. There are two types of license offered:
  • Organisational
  • Individual

Both types of license are non-exclusive and non-transferable, and offer unlimited access to the design, materials and future updates of the course. They are on offer for a single payment of £5,000 and an on-going royalty payment of £10.00 per participant. This fee covers:
  • A copy of a comprehensive trainer manual, complete with instructions in running exercises and facilitating workshops
  • Design outlines for different versions of the course that can focus on areas such as conflict, negotiation, communication, etc.
  • A copy of the PowerPoint presentation slides complete with presenter notes and embedded video
  • Unlimited reproduction rights to a participant manual, complete with all exercises and handouts with
  • Facilitation notes for all specially designed exercises and activities
  • Ability to purchase copies of the book at cost price
  • All and any updates and revisions to the materials or course design
  • Option to re-brand or customise versions of the book or course materials
  • Attendance at a Train the Trainer event or activities to ensure competence and confidence in the material
  • Continuing development through on-line forums and coaching from master trainers

If you are interested in licensing the course, then please contact us for a no-obligation discussion on how the license can be adapted to meet your precise requirements.