Preface to Second Edition

1. Introduction

Part One: The Influence Arena
2. The Influence Arena
The Modern Organisation
Jazz – The New Metaphor
Working In Project & Matrix Organisations
3. Capitalising on Personal Sources of Power & Authority
Power And Influence
Position Power Versus Personal Power
Using Your Power
4. Knowing Your Influencing Profile and that of Others
A Model For Effective Influencing
The Four Influencing Styles
Cultural Differences In Style Preference
Your Preferred Influencing Style
5. The Impact Of Emotion
Mixed messages
The Words, Music & Dance of Communication
The Ladder Of Inference
Inquiry and Advocacy

Part Two: Developing The Styles
6. Optimising Opportunities for Getting Results
Influencing By Matching The Style Of The Other Person
Influencing By Using A Style That Is Best For The Situation
Reciprocity And Positivity In The Use Of Styles
7. Action Style .
Getting Results By Making Deals .
To adapt to Action Style
Reciprocity In Action Style
8. Process Style
Getting Results By Using Rational Arguments
To adapt to Process
Reciprocity In Process Style
9. People Style
Getting Results Through Increased Understanding
To adapt to People
Reciprocity In People Style
Empathetic Listening
10. Ideas Style
Getting Results Through Cooperation
To adapt to Ideas style
Reciprocity In Ideas Style

Part Three: Application
11. Planning for Success
Tactical Planning
Strategic Planning
A Five Step Plan to Getting Results
Stakeholder analysis

12. Getting Results in More Difficult Situations
Causes Of Conflict
Using Inquiry And Advocacy To Achieve A Successful Outcome
Getting Win:Win Outcomes Through Negotiation
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Principled Negotiation
Remote Working
Cross Cultural/Cross Functional Working

13 Moving on – Options for Further Development
Continuing Development
Reading List

APPENDIX: Glossary of Terms